Saturday, August 26, 2006

SGX Stockwhiz

Hei hei Members,

There is a stock trading game organise by SGX that starts next Monday!!! Yes 28th Aug! So those haven sign up for it, quick! Don't worry, you do not have to pay anything for registering and you do not have to fork out any cash for the game because you will be paper trading an account of 80k. Furthermore, you will have a chance to win cash prize either for being the weekly winner ($1000) over 8 weeks or the overall winner ($6000). For further details, go to .

Although, 8 weeks is a bit short to really invest based on "fundamentals", maybe it could give you an idea of how volatile the market can be (if you have not experience it before).

You can also practice "market timing" - buying at lows and selling at high (quite a technical aspect but if implement into fundamentals investing, it might give you a higher safety margin and slightly higher profit)

So folks, lets have fun.

Friday, August 11, 2006

China Hong

Ok, this post is back dated to last month (the follow up of previous post). Did not really have the luxury (or I should say lack of discipline) to find time to post. China Hong was always on my radar screen as it deals with sports aparrel, like the Nike of China and have over 2000 stores around China. As the Olympics will be held in China in 2008, there will definitely be a heightened passion for sports among the citizens and sales will surge.

I bought it at one of its low last month after the crash due to increase of America Fed rate. It was $1.15 then and at a very attractive valuation of PE roughly around 10. Before the crash it reached $1.76 and that was not distant past. I bought 2 lots then and sold at a price of $1.50 only 1 1/2 weeks later, making a profit of $700.

I was overwhelmed by the spike then and thought it is a good time to sell as there are lots of speculative buying then. But i make a mistake and the price never came down, it is $1.56 now and I regret the decision.