Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Members


Welcome aboard!!! You have just join our stock community. Let me introduce all the new members to the rest.

Ojusti - Hongliang, is my friend I met in Youth Expedition Project in China, Hainan. Graduated fromNUS Engineering and now serving NS. He also invest in stocks

Divingd - Lihui, friend I knew through Danny. Currently studying in NUS Economics and studying about stocks and derivatives now (all the Monte Carlos and Black Scholes stuff). Interested in stocks and want to know more about it.

Kel - Kelly, classmate in NUS Mathematics but only knew her when she sat beside me for commencement. Oops.... Interested in stocks and want to know more about it.

So these are the 3 new members. Say Hi to them and maybe we can introduce ourselves in the comments. More will be joining us.

2 more new members!!! Micheal Tay and HY. Welcome.


At 11:22 AM, Blogger tradingdiary said...

Hi, let me start the ball rolling. I am Kok Kiang, graduated from NUS in Applied Mathematics. Started trading in 2004 as I got interested in it partly by my brother's influence and partly by the course I was taking then - Financial Mathematics. It was only half year ago that I started "value investing", but still learning the ropes.

I hobbies are photography, reading books (mostly on investment), trading, surfing and backpacking


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